Monday, December 29, 2008

reasons to watch Bulletproof with Gary Busey

Gary Busey calls people Butthorn at least 4 different times in Bulletproof. The villains are a collection of Mexican, Cuban, Arabic Muslims that are also working with Russian Communists. No lie. At one point someone asks if he is the one they call Bulletproof, he says, "Yeah, who are you, Butthorn?" McBain has two lovers in the movie, both amazingly hot. He also plays saxophone! and there is scene with him laying on his bed with his knee propped up and his saxophone laying across his chest like it's his lover. He also seduces a woman on the beach by playing saxophone.

He has a violent and scarred past that involves a dead partner and a tragic love affair.

There are lines like this said after sex, "You may be Bulletproof... but you are not love proof."

He removes bullets from his chest with a small pair of scissors and collects them in a mason jar under his sink. Later he says he has 39 bullets collected.

He says, "Yeah!" and "Whew!" after killing people and blowing stuff up.

McBain slaughters many people. He seems capable of standing in front of armies of Mexicans with machine guns firing at him, and he not only doesn't get hit, but is skilled enough to blow them away with just a pistol. He throws a machete at one guy and it impales through his chest.

He slides a large glass ashtray across a table and into a guy's nuts who is standing on the other end.

He is on a mission called: "Thunder Blast" that involves a Tank that is also a bomb. The code word between American agents to signify if they are part of "Thunder Blast" is also "Thunder Blast" The Thunder Blast tank has 1980 video game type screens on the inside that make Pac Man type noises. It also has a coffee maker that comes out of the wall and it looks like someone is just on the other side pushing it through.

There is at least 45 minutes of straight Machine gun sound effects.

At the end he escorts his love out of Mexico by following her with the Thunder Blast tank. She is in a little convertible, and the long thick gun to the tank hovers over her little car, symbolizing McBain's large ape like penis.


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i MUST watch this film immediately.

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